New York City
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New York City
By Pooja Trivedi

New York! There's something very magical about this city. It's alive, breathing and so real with all its fervor of emotions. At times, it seems like an unending cacophony of chaos, and then there are times it is like an orchestra that couldn't have been any better.

It engulfs every sentiment within itself; be it love, sin, ego, hatred, lust, ambition, greed, power; the list is endless. It is like this powerful magnet of the world. A place where everyone wants to be the best be it finance or fashion. Everybody is in a hurry to get somewhere; to get to the top.New York is like this beautiful, enticing illusion that everyone is trying to chase. This never ending rat race tests to what positive or negative extent any New Yorker can go.


You can see the zeal of this city everywhere. Be it the street performer who displays his talent just outside one of the high-class hotels or the thump bumping music in the trains that gets everyone up on their feet. From those mobile shops that offer almost everything in food, fashion and clothing to the anonymous greetings and compliments you get by simply walking in its matrix of avenues and streets. The temperament of this city gets to you, its just inescapable!

And just what gives this city its contagious spirit? Its people. That's the perfect answer to the grandeur of New York. There is China Town, Brazil Street, Asian Markets and the list goes on... The flavor of this city changes as you just pass by its varied neighborhoods. Minds of people all over the world work here, which is why it's the real titan among all the big cities of the world.

Come to New York and you will first notice that the streets of New York are so colorful. Like one of my friends said 'Walking on streets of New York is like walking in a live fashion show', only more fun! Not only you see a wide variety of clothes, you see a wide variety of faces. Yes, people from almost every country around the globe call New York their home.

All those things said about New York being a big, bad, mean city do not matter anymore. You simply accept it with all it has to offer. Truly, this whole city is a collection of wonderful experiences and memoirs. Be it simply walking on its streets, to getting wet in the New York rain. Simply put, New York Rocks!

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