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USA Train Travel – no go
By Jerrold VanNocker

I am greatly disappointed I do not have a USA train trip to report on.  I had planed to take a trip to Chicago in May but foot issues now have me avoiding travel.  I have written before about how much I enjoyed my train travel in Europe. I particularly was impressed with all the pleasant socialization opportunities we had this last December during or train travels in Germany.  Not having been on a USA train for 15 years I was really looking forward to see if USA train travel had improved. 

So, why a column on Train Travel if I have no train stories to tell?


I thought about taking the train to a near by city. I could then report on the ease of booking, comfort of the train seat, etc but that idea just seemed like a waste. No destination to look forward to, no excitement in the travel, not even much of an opportunity to talk to fellow travelers.  And, I still want to go to Chicago this summer.  Then, I had a thought, maybe not a very good one ‘write a little page holding story until you can take that train ride to Chicago’.  By placing this little story here I can easily replace it with a real train traveling story once I take that Chicago Trip. Now, if my feet will only cooperate!

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