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Unless other notice is given, all pages, photographs and written material on the website is under copyright, 2011 - 2012 (All Rights Reserved) by Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC, Battle Creek, MI, USA

Individuals may use photographs for their personal use, such as computer wallpaper, school reports, etc. (see additional details below). Commercial use of material from (photos, text, design, etc.) is prohibited unless Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC gives authorization in writing. Websites may freely link to any html or htm pages on the  website. Written authorization is required to link directly to a jpeg or jpg photograph on this website.

I will authorize non-commercial, personal websites, to copy and display one photo from this Rock and Mineral website as long as a link to accompanies the photograph and the caption "Photo provided by, all rights reserved", or "Photo used with permission, copyright info at". It is best to e-mail me prior to placing the photograph on your site, as some photos and graphics appearing on my site may actually be provided by third parties.

Please note: Sometimes personal pages are offered free on commercial sites. Even though this might be your personal page, and you personally do not engage in commercial activity, it is still considered a commercial site as long as commercial links (or popups) are associated with the personal page. If you have any doubts at all regarding use of a rock or mineral photograph from this website, e-mail me the URL of the web page you wish to put the photograph on.

A website engaging in any commercial activity must receive written authorization prior to using content from (this mineral site)  on their commercial website.

Also note: I reserve the right to demand "stop usage" of any photograph owned by Jerrold's Travel Guides (or Jerrold D. VanNocker), even if I have given prior authorization for its use on a particular web site.