For the novice, field collecting of rocks and minerals is best done with clubs or at fee based collecting sites. You are responsible for your own safety!

Below I am collecting links to stories and resources on field collecting in Michigan.

Here is a link to a very old (1962) State of Michigan pamphlet on rock and minerals field collecting in MIchigan. (PDF file)

I do not need to say this do I - Prior to doing any field collection you must obtain approval from the land owner.

The links here will take you to information on rock and mineral collecting sites in Michigan.  It is up to you to determine your right to collect at these sites. On public lands, state and federal, do check with the local office as to their rock collecting rules. While there are general rules governing rock collecting on public land, each site can establish its own land use provisions.  When collecting on Michigan lake shores you should keep in mind, the water along the beach may be public but the land along the shore maybe private - as soon as you step out of the water on to a private beach you are trespassing.

Above photo - Hematite, Superior Mine, Marquette Co. MI

Above photo - Blue Celestine, Maybee, MI

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  1. Datolites of Michigan - only in Michigan (and the  Northern Shore of Minnesota) can datolite be found as porcelain like solid nodules. visit Dwarves’ Earth Treasures for the scoop..

Note - Michigan law prohibits removing more than 25 pounds of rocks or minerals per year from state-owned lands, including the bottomlands of the great lakes. Some state areas may not allow removal of any minerals or fossils from the land. It is your duty to check with the authorities before disturbing the soil.