Rocks, Minerals and Fossils...Oh,my!

Jerrold’s Geological Journey

Guilty Pleasure - I love seeing my mineral photos on the web.  Some times I think “forget about collecting the minerals, concentrate on collecting the photographs”.


Vanadinite, Galena and Calcite crystals are but a few of the minerals that fascinate me.

On this website I share my thoughts on collecting minerals and geology.  When it comes to my knowledge of Geology and Mineralogy, I am learning; I am no expert!  Part of my process of learning about Minerals is to make a written record. If I write down what I have studied perhaps some of the information will stick in my brain. As I am learning; what I write might be wrong or incomplete so I provide links to more authoritative sources. Even if you are not that interested in Minerals, browse here a little. I share with you photos from personal collections, museums and rock shows; you might just become a rock collector yourself.

Some geological structures that look like crystals really are not mineral crystal. The hexagonal forms of Ireland’s Giants Causeway are not a crystal form of a mineral.  Read more about the Giants Causeway

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The mineral specimens shown in the photos are from personal collections, museums, rock shows and anyplace else I stumbled across that will let me photograph their minerals.

Please read the copyright info prior to downloading photos.