Calcite is a highly collected mineral but it must be handled with some care. Relatively soft, it is possible to scratch Calcite with a fingernail.

Hardness - 3

Chemical Class - Carbonates


Calcite crystals of unusual growth, red color is from the presence of Hematite the mineral form of iron. From the GuangXi Province of China.

A Helictite in the Sonora Caverns.  The Helictite form is thought to be created by the capillary force of ‘dripping’ water with in the cave; they are a very rare cave feature. Not all Helictites are Calcites but most are either Calcite or Aragonite.

Stalagmites and Stalactites often are formed from Calcite.  The Stalagmite above rest on a matrix of Amethyst, it formed in a vug (cavity) with in the rock. From the La Genuina deposits of Uruguay.