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A. E. Seaman Museum - updated and revised Mineralogy of Michigan - each mineral with a pdf full of informaton. Here is the copper pdf. This is an excellent resource.

James St. Johns - Professor, geologist and paleontologist at Ohio State University, Newark campus. An extensive collection of geological information, fossils, rocks and minerals info.  - present by an authoritative source. Has an extensive list of rocks you are likely to find at various public attractions, a super resource for those that want to include rock ID and education as part of their travels. Flickr profile page.

Index of minerals from Cochise College's Virtual Geology Museum

Geography of Michigan and the Great Lakes

On-line information from Michigan State University

Mineralogical Society of America

Take a virtual field trip of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula's pre-1840 mining history

Online Mineral reference page from Georgia State University

There is a lot of information hidden on this site - Structure of the Earth, Common Minerals, etc.  this seems to be the page with links to the area that would most interest us: you will need to click on the links in the chart, have fun browsing.

Prof. Stephen Nelson, Tulane University Mineralogy lecture notes and other resources

Another University website but the lecture notes or so complete you can ‘almost’ understand the material without ever attending the class. A super resources for those seeking to refresh their Mineralogy knowledge.

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updated in 2018

Mineral Resources


As I stumble on rock and mineral websites with educational content I will include their links here.