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updated in 2018

Collectable Minerals

Vanadinite (Pb5(VO4)3Cl)


Visit a mineral museum and you are unlikely to find a brilliant red Vanadinite like you see in these photos. Vanadinite fades (very slowly) in the presence of light and most museum pieces, on display, are kept in very low light conditions in the hope of preserving them. Most museum Vanadinites have faded from their original color but I have seen some rich colored Vanadinites last 30 years in a museum display with out any noticeable change to their color.

Crystals are usually hexagonally shaped, some times elongated (barrel like).  Large crystals of Vanadinite, over a half inch, are rare but I have seen crystals approaching one and half inches in diameter.

A rather uncommon mineral, Vanandinite forms primarily due to the oxidation of lead ore minerals.

Hardness - 21/2 to 3

Chemical Class - Phosphates, Arsenates, and Vanadates.

Crystal System - Isometric