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updated in 2018

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Fluorite can be completely transparent (colorless) or translucent. It is often purple in color but it can also be yellow, lilac, blue, green, brown, pink, black and brown.

Fluorite crystals are commonly found in the form of a cube, less common it can be found as octahedrons; occasionally as, tetrahexahedrons and hexoctahedrons crystal forms. 

Given its name it is not surprising that many specimens of Fluorite will fluoresce in the presence of ultraviolet light.  Fluorite will usually change to a blue color under ultraviolet light but red, purple, yellow, white and green are also possible.

Fluorite, sometimes referred to as Fluorspar, can be found in a range of colors.

Hardness - 6 - 6.5

Chemical Class - Halides

Crystal System - Isometric