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updated in 2018

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At one time known as celestite, Celestine is now the official name for this strontium sulfate (SrSO4). While it derives its name from the sky blue color which it can be found in, Celestine also can be white, pink, colorless, pale green or even black, or pale brown.

Celestine is found in many areas of the world but many mineral collectors are only familiar with the  light blue Celestine geodes from Morocco.  Never the less, the best Celestine I have seen has come from the Maybee and Holloway quarries in southern Michigan. All the photos on this page are of Michigan Celestine’s and most of these specimens can be seen at the Seamen Museum located on the Michigan Tech campus in Houghton. Michigan.

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Hardness - 3 - 3.5

Chemical Class - Sulfate minerals

Crystal System - Orthorhombic