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updated in 2018

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a group of Minerals

Apophyllite is a group of minerals of similar chemical makeup.

Apophyllite-(KF) - KCa4(Si8O20)(F, OH) • 8H2O

Apophyllite-(KOH) - KCa4(Si8O20)(OH, F) • 8H2O

Apophyllite-(NaF) - (K, Na)Ca4Si8O20F • 8H2O

Carletonite -  KNa4Ca4(CO3)4Si8O18 (F, OH) - H2O

Apophyllite-(KF) is often referred to as Fluorapophyllite and is the most common of the Apophyllite. It is not easy for the average collector to recognize one Apophyllite mineral from another, consequently while Apophyllite is not technically a mineral name it is commonly used as if it was one.

While often found in association with the Zeolite Group of Minerals, Apophyllite itself is not a Zeolite.

Crystal System - prismatic, tabular, massive

Apophyllite is usually found as white or colorless; it can also be green, blue, pink, brown, violet or yellow.

Technically, Apophyllite is not a mineral but refers to a group of minerals. For simplification sake, most books will refer to Apophyllite as if it is a mineral..

Hardness - 4 1/2 to 5

Chemical Class - Silicates

Crystal System -  prismatic, tabular, massive