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updated in 2018

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Forms -  Hexagonal (may be elongated or stubby); often tabular plates, columnar. Can be found as massive material, globular masses, acicular, grainy, stalactitic, botryoidal, and earthy.

Apatite is the most common of all the Phosphate minerals.

The IMA (International Mineralogical Association), changed the scientific naming of apatite minerals; now Apatite-(CaF) is used for Fluorapatite, Apatite-(CaCl) for Chlorapatite], and Apatite-(CaOH) for Hydroxyl-Apatite. For the average mineral collector identifying a specimen as Apatite is sufficient as it is difficult to distinguish the various apatite minerals from each other.

Apatite (composed of a group of three minerals difficult to distinguish from each other - Ca10(PO4)6(OH, F, Cl, Br)2)

Ions of fluorine, chlorine and the hydroxyl (group) can easily substitute in the crystal lattice of Apatite

Hardness - 5

Chemical Class - Phosphate

Crystal System - Hexagonal