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Over the next year Traveling In The USA will be transforming. Maintaining the travel websites has been problematic as it has been a few years since my last travels to Europe and the internet is changing much faster than I can adjust. It is with a sad heart that I have concluded it is time to extinguish and a number of my other on-line travel guides. I will for a time retain and the websites. Most of my recent on-line focus has been on my rock and mineral website which resides on the Traveling In The USA website, I plan to share my hobby there for many more years.

Travel Stories
Victorian Cape May
The less things change –
the more they stay the same.
By Tom Ryan

True story: I am on a Cape May postcard that’s been sold in Southern New Jersey gift shops for 30 years. Well, not me exactly, but my arm, and the fishing rod I’m holding. While I might be a disembodied appendage, there’s no mistaking my dad who’s standing behind me; and my grandparents, watching from the rocky shore. The photo was taken on Sunset Beach, at the southernmost point of the state of New Jersey. I was fishing for Jaws. ....story continues, Cape May.

More Stories

By Jaed Coffin

"Anything you want to know about Portland, Maine can be found at five in the morning at Becky’s Diner."

A serving of local charm and a slice of early morning Portland.... Becky's Diner

By Tim McDonald

"I'm enjoying the heck out of it. How can this be? Isn't this where my parents and their old-fogey friends used to go.."

A story of getting pleasure where you least expect it - BRANSON, MO

By Jaed Coffin

Visiting Boston's Fenway Park.

Jaed shows you how to experience the game even if you did not pre buy tickets.

eBaying your way to Disney
By Tom Ryan

Think you can not afford a vacation this year? Why not raise the money by auctioning some stuff and then low bid your travel?

night photo of Epcot and airplane spells out LOVE

Lake Tahoe
By Tim McDonald

Most people come to Lake Tahoe to ski, frolic in the gin-clear waters of an alpine lake or maybe lounge in a resort by day and gamble in one of the casinos by night.

I've come to see a wolverine.

Photo provided by the Lake Tahoe Visitor's Center

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Aspiring Writers share their Stories
Gila Clift Dewllings, a USA national moument

Gila Cliff Dwellers
By Jerrold VanNocker

Take a journey through a 13th Century Cliff Dwelling.

Driving the Long and Winding Pacific Coast Highway
By Meeta Gajjar Parker

A two week trip from California to the state of Washington

minerals at the Tucson Rock and MIneral Showcase

Tucson Mineral Show - A shopping trip
By Jerrold VanNocker

Artists, home decorators, jewelers, tourists, spiritualists and even rock collectors go here for good buys.

Chasing Hot Springs in Colorado
By Meeta Gajjar Parker

Reader Submitted Articles

Great Snorkeling on a Dime on the Disney Magic
By Tom Ryan

Tom is a professional writer that allowed me to use this previously published story here.

Traveling In The USA

New York!
By Pooja Trivedi

There's something very magical about this city. is owned and operated by Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC