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TravelingInTheUSA.com is owned and operated by Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC. Michigan, USA.

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Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC officials
President - Jerrold VanNocker
Vice President - Allison VanNocker

We are a couple that enjoy learning about and visiting new places. Neither of us are travel agents and the only travel related work we have ever done is our work on Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC. We do not consider ourselves experts on travel but we do enjoy sharing our experiences.


Jerrold has a degree in anthropology, but due to his problems with learning languages, he never pursued a career in the field. Instead, he stumbled into a career in Human Services. While he never has been accused of being a great writer, people do seem to enjoy his photographs. The arts and photography have been interests of Jerrold's since childhood, as is his interest in history and architecture. He sees his central characteristic as that of an explorer.

Allison traveled extensively in Europe and eastern Europe during the 1970's. A Fullbright grant recipient she spent a year living in Eastern Europe. Allison is a graduate of Adrian College where she majored in history and German. Early in her career she worked several years as a museum curator but not willing to sustain herself on bread crumbs Allison left museum employment for a more lucrative career. In 2008 she retired from her job of 24 years. She enjoys traveling and unlike Jerrold she has strong language skills.

The travel websites started in 1999. Upon returning from a trip in Spain Jerrold started the Traveling In Spain website as a way to teach himself website design and to share some of his travel photos/experiences. As time went on, Jerrold spent more time on website content and less time learning proper website design.

Our goal for the websites has evolved over time. Today, We look to the website to fund our travels and be our bridge job to full retirement. In mid 2008 Allison retired from her regular job but due to health issues we have been unable to travel far from home. We have grand hopes to travel more extensively in 2009. We continue to look to the websites to provide us with income and recreational activity for at least the next ten years.

On March 21, 2003, we established the Limited Liability Company, Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC with the hope of developing additional country guides to complement TravelingInSpain.com. In July of 2004 my family visited Ireland; resulting in a new website Travels In Ireland. After traveling with my son in southern England during 2006 we created a third website Traveling In England.

Traveling In The USA is not a travel guide as our previous website have been but an on-line Travel Magazine featuring unique articles on USA Travel. 

Contact Information:

I always like to hear the comments and recommendations of visitors. I can be contacted by sending an e-mail to JerroldsTravelGuidesLLC@comcast.net .


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